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John Smith

Jordy Ruiz, Ph.D.
Research associate

  • London, England
  • French - 26


Ph.D. graduate with research experience in static program analysis, abstract interpretation and critical systems. Enjoys well-structured programming and mathematics. Enthusiastic towards abstractions and (formal) proofs for computer science.

Research work

Oct 2019 - Sep 2021

Postdoctoral fellowship: Research Associate in Program analysis, Verification or Systems
Supervision: Pr. Cristian Cadar Imperial College, London, England

  • Work on the Chopper tool to automate the selection of skipped code regions.

Jun 2018 - May 2019

Postdoctoral fellowship: Development of methods to compute an upper bound on the worst-case execution time of a software task in embedded systems
Supervision: Pr. Giuseppe Lipari CRIStAL, Lille, France

  • Co-development of a C++ tool using OTAWA and the PPL Polyhedra Library, to identify static data structures for program analysis on binary code

Oct 2014 - Dec 2017

Ph.D. thesis: Identifying data flow properties to improve worst-case execution time estimations
Supervision: Pr. Christine Rochange; Dr. Hugues Cassé IRIT, Toulouse, France

  • Development of PathFinder, a C++ tool using the the OTAWA framework to perform program analysis on binary code. PathFinder relies on SMT solving and includes an interface to several SMT solvers (CVC4, Z3).
  • Collaboration with V. Mussot’s tool for the the development of an infeasible path exploitation toolchain in OTAWA.

Aug 2014

Masters thesis: Detecting infeasible paths on machine code to improve worst-case execution time estimations
Supervision: Dr. Hugues Cassé IRIT, Toulouse, France

  • Development of an infeasible paths detection C++ prototype for OTAWA.

Jul 2013

Internship: Co-inductive reasoning for the transformation of deterministic automata
Supervision: Dr. Ralph Matthes IRIT, Toulouse, France


2014 - 2017


2012 - 2014

Masters, spe. Critical Software

2009 - 2012

Bachelor in Computer Science Bachelor in Fundamental Mathematics

University Toulouse III (parallel studies)


International conferences and workshops

Jan 2019

C. Ballabriga, J. Forget, L. Gonnord, G. Lipari, J. Ruiz. Static Analysis Of Binary Code With Memory Indirections Using Polyhedra. 🏆
In: International Conference on Verification, Model Checking, and Abstract Interpretation, Cascais, Portugal, 2019. (🏆 best paper award)

Sep 2017

J. Ruiz, H. Cassé, M. De Michiel. Working around loops for infeasible path detection in binary programs.
In: IEEE International Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation, Shanghai, China, 2017. (regular paper)

Jun 2017

C. Maïza, P. Raymond, C. Parent-Vigouroux, A. Bonenfant, F. Carrier, H. Cassé, P. Cuenot, D. Claraz, N. Halbwachs, F. Carrier, H. Cassé, E. Jahier, H. Li, M. De Michiel, V. Mussot, I. Puaut, C. Rochange, E. Rohou, J. Ruiz, P. Sotin, W.-T. Sun.
The W-SEPT project: Towards Semantic-aware WCET Estimation.
In: Workshop on Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis, Dubrovnik,, Croatia, 2017. (regular paper)

Jul 2016

V. Mussot, J. Ruiz, P. Sotin, M. De Michiel, H. Cassé. Expressing and Exploiting Path Conflicts in WCET Analysis.
In: Workshop on Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis, Toulouse, France, 2016. (regular paper)

Jul 2015

J. Ruiz, H. Cassé. Using SMT Solving for the Lookup of Infeasible Paths in Binary Programs.
In: Workshop on Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis, Lund, Sweden, 2015. (regular paper)



  • Abstract interpretation
  • Static analysis
  • WCET problems
  • Access profiling (caches)
  • Formal proofs
  • Algebra


  • C++
  • ARM assembly
  • Coq
  • OCaml
  • Python


  • Git
  • CVC4
  • Z3


  • French: native
  • English: fluent
    TOEIC 990/990
  • Sinographs: intermediate (Chinese characters)

  • Lives in an English-speaking household
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